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They resent that a wizard’s power comes from without, with no seeming effort on the wizard’s part, while the mul’s power is born of pain and labor. Air clerics prize freedom over all. A Spirit of the Land is an enigmatic force that infuses particular lands. However, those that acquire a taste of freedom will fight for it. The men can grow beards and they have a full range of skin tones and hair colors. **While fiends may traverse Athas, all other outerplanar types cannot. The Rules for both classes, as well as 3 subtypes, are contained in the DMs Guild product "Psion's Primer," found at: www.dmsguild.com/product/299141/The-Korranberg-Chronicle-Psions-Primer--A-Complete-Psionics-System. Barbarian halfling tribes that draw power from the spirits can be found in the forest ridge, and no matter their location, all share a common manifestation of fury. When served plain, it is potent and foul tasting. Utqiagvik, the most northern city in the United States, had just 34 minutes of s… Kreen live for the hunt, and own only what they can carry. Permalink Quote. Nibenay (Chinese) Draj (Mesoamerican) If not, the student likely drowns. Their frames are massive and an average dwarf weighs in the vicinity of 200 pounds. If there is no vegetation within range or the area is despoiled completely, the caster cannot defile. The language is filled with short, clipped words, run with a rapid staccato pace difficult for others to pick up. Defilers have penalty to the saving throw equal to their defiler aura points. Less than one person in Leather. There are schools of the Way in every city of Athas, and merchant houses and noble families often pay dearly to have their scions educated by the best. Dark Sun Gwyndolin is a Boss in Dark Souls.. Calculations of sunrise and sunset in London – England – United Kingdom for October 2021. Movement while aloft is the same as the levitate spell. Dark Sun, T1, Dark Sun #5, Alexandre Irvine, Philippe Tullier, Milady Graphics. Soldiers of fortune can be found in all settings, and a few have united to form small units operating from fortified bases, such as the Black Reavers outside of Urik. Those wearing Medium or Heavy armors have disadvantage on this save. Slaves are given human names while free half-giants will take names based off the adopted culture. The wilderness of Athas, beyond its apex predators, is unforgiving to the unprepared. In the tribe, elves are all equals, except the Chief. When first light casts its emerald hues over the Sea of Silt, or when sunset spreads its orange flame over the Mekillot Mountains, the world’s feral beauty stirs the untamed heart in each of us. The player chooses to either (1) gain 1 death point and the condition staggered, or (2) gain the condition unconscious. There is no limit to how high your defiler aura score may be. They have turned celebrating into an art form, and elf song and dance is captivating and seductive to non-elves. Padded. Cahulak. I've created a home brew Dark Sun 5e rule set. One Click the 'Edit Your size is Large. A blog for your campaign Wondering how to get started? All d20 rolls you make are with disadvantage, and all foes have advantage against your class abilities, such as spells, but not items such as wands. Animate Shadow: As an action, make a target creature's shadow move and animate as you desire in an area you can see up to 120' away. If a metal weapon is sought or commissioned, it would cost 100x the listed cost. They outnumber us; they are everywhere, and yet they have no more sense of their strength than a rat. The DARK SUN setting isn't a place for your typical bearded dwarf with a love of beer and gems, cherubic halfling, or charging knights and gnome wizards. Weapons cannot be improved more than once. The weapon is wielded much like a shovel. Other patrons either do not exist or are within the sole province of the sorcerer kings. Once used, a wild talent cannot be used again until after a long rest. The poisoned creature is also paralyzed. In exchange, the elements bestow what powers they have to give upon their clerics. Nonmetal weapons are prone to breaking. Protecting their own positions with dark magic, they demand absolute obedience. Reinforced. ―Mo’rune, half‐Elven ranger. Ability Score Increase. Tables for both are presented. The sorcerer subtypes are ill-suited for Athas and its mechanics are utilized for defiling. The merchant houses do mint metal coins, but it is rare to see them in general circulation. 1. Few ever renounce the solemn agreement: to forsake the Pact is to incur the wrath of beings who possess the raw power of the elements. Choose either the Tempest or Trickery domain from the PHB, adjusted as follows: Air Weapon Proficiencies: At 1st level you gain proficiency with all ammunition weapons. With any spell, she can cost off her self-imposed restrictions in exchange for a rush of power. Only a fool hopes for such riches. Keep the PHB versions as "crude" types with no changes. Unlike most other races, elves have no issue with defiling magic and arcane practice. A mekillot howdah can be constructed in a more elaborate affair; it often contains two levels and can accommodate up to sixteen people. Before long, his blood is thick and gummy. When casting a spell that requires a saving throw, choose a number of creatures up to your spellcasting modifier (minimum 1). Used this way, the wielder can strike with the off-hand as a bonus action and the weapon has reach. But, you don’t want them trying to escape every other day. Female Names: Alansa, Anezka, Dokala, Grelzen, Horga, Jikx, Joura, Nasaha, Vensa. To survive and avoid the fate of most wizards, they take their natural affinity to music and have mixed with the minstrel culture. At 5th level, this increases to 2d4. Broy: Broy is made from fermented kank nectar. For Raise Dead, Reincarnate, and Resurrection, a Resurrection check must be made or the soul is lost forever. It disturbs you that your dra (sentient meat creatures like humans) companions lie unconscious for a third of their lifetimes. sand scour the foliage from the barren ground. Gythka. A healing potion heals 2d4+2 hit points (maximum 10). WWE fans were left horrified after Randy Orton appeared to set Alexa Bliss ON FIRE live on Monday Night Raw. Athas is a land of deadly magic and powerful psionics that offers no promise of glory or even of survival. Each day a starving character eats her full daily requirement for food, she reduces her days without food count by two. It cannot be combined with a shield (the better bonus applies), but if a pair are worn, their effects stack to a maximum of +2. Consult the Wild Talent section in Part 4 if you are a non-psionic character. Bite. Polearm Master feat modified: the first attack of opportunity taken in a round using this feat does not consume your reaction. When a mentor feels a student is ready, they begin the long journey to a rare body of water such as Lake Island or the Lake of the Golden Dreams. At birth, they already know what animals make the best prey and ways to catch them. Your claws can be used to make a single natural attack for 1d4 + Strength modifier slashing damage. Lacking families, a mul might use a place for a surname, such as “Mersten of Nibenay.”. They have deeply etched features with rugged skin as varied as the other races of Athas. It is inherent to the half-giant's creation. Size. Type : Anneaux. With the right name, an elf child can grow to greatness, but the wrong name may cause one to vanish in the wastes. Most rarely stay in one place for long, both physically and emotionally, and this is seen as a sign of strength in their people - an absolute freedom. As likely as not, anxious overseers cut muls from the dying bodies of their mothers. A recent windstorm has uncovered a forgotten ruin. Modify Spirit Totem. Half-elves are influenced by both parents, even if not accepted by either race. You cannot swim. Dwarves are hairless and find the very idea of it repulsive. Elves that learn other tongues hide it to gain advantage. You can speak the Primordial language of your element at 1st level. Warlocks are extremely rare on Athas because they must derive their power from a patron, and to all but the most learned of sages, there are only two sources for that power: sorcerer kings and the elemental powers. You have Vitality equal to your 1st level hit points. Each tribe has a distinct dialect. Resources are rare, but psionics are common. Samurai (Xanathar). This makes them poor students of the rigorous study of psionics, and rarely does anything but Air draw them to clerical study. Alignment. Everything you kill is a potential dinner. Your Dexterity score increases by 2, and your Wisdom score increases by 1. The optional method is more accurate but requires the DM or player to note exactly when the effect ends. You will learn about other cultures, but you should firmly believe halfling culture to be innately superior to all others. This replaces the Tempest bonus proficiency and is added to the Trickster domain. Dungeons & Dragons will be revisiting several classic campaign settings over the next few years. Set in the epic desert wasteland Althas, Dark Sun is Mad Max meets D&D plus psionics. Most weapons are made from an amalgamation of obsidian, bone, or wood. Fitted inix or mekillot shell pieces worn over supple leather. Absorbent. High Templar’s Outfit: This set of clothing is made of the best material produced by a city‐state’s artisans and exemplifies that city’s templarate. The main sources of barbarians are slave tribes and hunter-gatherer cultures from beyond the Tablelands. At the end of the day, a character who did not consume the daily requirement of water gains one level of exhaustion, or two levels if the character has one or more levels of exhaustion from any source already. Photosynthesis: Transform light into healing energy for you. Representative image.

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