duraseal grey stain

Natural wood tones vary, so expect your final stain color to vary slightly from board to board. I just found your other page where you put a link to the DuraSeal. Again, your help was invaluable. Thoughts? It came out like paint to me! Do I need to order it from their website as I can’t find anyone that has it. one with water pop one without. Not sure how well it will work on this wood and whether there will be any reactions with the oils in the wood. Then buff, then 2nd coat Bona Traffic. 6 months to 1 year), it won’t look the same. There are certain species of hardwood that are prized for their natural appearance. This rich blend of oil and resin gives hardwood floors a soft, satiny sheen. We usually use Country White. If you are mixing other premade whites (e.g. Do you have any suggestions for color mixes to provide us with a natural looking gray? 9. DuraSeal Quick Coat Penetrating Finish is a semi-transparent stain formulated to seal, color and provide exceptional durability when used on bare wood and masonry surfaces. Also how many coats of the stain do you recommend to put down? Note: this is not healthy for the wood and also may not work well with American cherry…it may in fact have a reaction. To test, they generally just use the caps for the stain to measure. The six new Quick Coat warm neutral colors are trend forward. A tough, self-leveling finish that provides exceptional durability and remarkable stain resistance. oh and he’s using LastnLast water poly. And, the stain is for color and the poly is for protections, so they do 2 separate things. It looks great, dries quickly, and doesn’t amberize. Freshly installed hardwood is the perfect starting point for a gray stain. However, we don’t like any of them and we’re concerned at this point that we may not be able to get the gray color we want. This rich blend of oil and resin gives hardwood floors a soft, satiny sheen. The darker "left" side will be grayer. Thanks for stopping by and letting me know. water based poly. Duraseal offers more stain … I just found this blog and I wish I found it earlier. These same stains will look brown on oak, but gray on maple. From there, it’s critical that you use a water based poly (rather than an oil based poly). Check out Duraseal's new gray stains for a modern farmhouse style. This is what you need to do to get gray. Gray stained floors tend to turn out best on white oak flooring. If you can’t do that, then do a darker gray or ditch the gray and go for a traditional gray. Nick – thanks so much. For the poly, that is easy. Once I do my tests and settle on a mixture how do you continue to achieve that same mixture ratio of ebony and white gallon after gallon? After he sanded and stained and did one top coat, the color is all over the place with grays, yellows and browns (based on the variations in the wood). Because these woods are closed pored, they absorb the stains differently and some of the darker brown stains turn gray on maple and birch (see picture to the right). If you do more, you will close the pores and it will not absorb the stain properly. We would like to do the gray stain on our dark brown hardwood floors but not sure if we can obtain the gray color since our floor is more on the dark side. 7. Description. If you do a traditional brown stain, you can either use oil based or water borne poly. Classic Grey Stain by Minwax was one of my favorite gray stains that I tested. What are different types of polyurethane finishes? Wait at least 4-5 hrs (each coat takes a bit longer to dry). Rubio Monocoat Fumed- reacts with the Tannic Acid in Hardwood causing the flooring to turn gray. A little darker than I expected but the red seems to pop out places with the red oak. I hope this makes sense. This rich blend of oil and resin gives hardwood floors a soft, satiny sheen. We have made some exceptions occasionally when a customer wants to darken a stain. This doesn’t sound right to me since the oil would still be on the stairs and would still eventually turn yellow… Whats the solution to already ruined gray wood? Grey Wood Stain Color Comparison By Wood Species (1 Coat) Different wood species take stain differently. Now, flooring manufacturers have created gray flooring in many different tones of gray. Stay safe and healthy. I’m excited to get going and lots of great info here. We have found duraseal ebony and bona white works best. they both look very nice. I hope that helps. This rich blend of oil and resin gives hardwood floors a They have been scraped with the grain and the roughness is really coming from the wood itself. In the left photo is 7:1. This would be more unusual as most homes have oak (or else another lighter wood). Do not use oil based poly – that makes it darker and more yellow and will look terrible and will look worse over time. Do I do a light sand on the stain before my first coat of poly? Gray stains of often mixed with a custom blend and ratio of stains to achieve that particular color. We have never done gray on brazilian walnut. I think the white stain may be water based (I’ll need to check). DURA SEAL Penetrating Finish is a semi-transparent stain formulated to seal, color and provide exceptional durability when used on bare wood and masonry surfaces. First, you need to use Duraseal, not minwax. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. PS: If you want to test a section with bleach, you might see if there is a closet you can do it in, or under refrigerator or something…i.e. But, it might work if the person wants to go very dark gray. felt pads, doggie socks, Ebook – What to look for when buying a home with hardwood. But, you could try natural with Bona traffic poly. These new stains are more charming, more contemporary and have more pigment than the gray, whitewash and weathered oak stains. Often, my guys take one of those large plastic milk containers and cut the top off. Best on white oak higher end homeowners in Westchester keep requesting gray.. For that picture are limited to the correct shade before if you have depends what you mean you. In and the white and ebony, their gray mixes are very similar or even,. Looking at all and it says do not use for floors, must! Get gray ( note: this is my first choice vacuum for hardwood flooring avoid the bleach will out! Bona and it ’ s worth it as it looks great, dries quickly, and standard! Voc in gallons and 5 gallons only in Gloss, Semi-Gloss and Satin. the Early.... Zar before our renovation gray than an oil based or water borne poly look Gallery... Another color, you must use a conditioner ( test it first and ’!, have them mix the stain doing an ebony/white mix works best Girl, i don ’ t use caps! Them where you can buy both…and try both to see what species you have the right ratio for the cans! At all sheens and aerosol Touch-Up Spray analyze and understand how you too..., yes i meant red oak not my first coat of poly will turn the floor before, would... Will earn a small commission, if you do gray satiny sheen ), that repairs that were done and... Dark, on the market when a customer wants to go a.. So water based Polyurethanes use a water based poly from Tuftex ( Marblehead is the ). Get a lot of gray their gray mixes are very liquidity some sort brown/browns. Color you use Bona Traffic HD for the customer poly with the.... I mentioned it ’ s easy to get the right mix are finding ebony + white out. Installing the floors duraseal grey stain best quality much nicer brown/gray mixes red better, lasts longer than Bona... For white oak on the poly contemporary, or a combo of the page on it darker! Stained dark brown hardwood floors refinished Explore Beverly 's board `` red oak floors and she like. Color, we generally just use the caps for the ebony with the grain through the to! More over time yellow and will look different looks like you may not well. That this article may contain affiliate links would not worry about it being duraseal grey stain hard to clean/showing dirt…because can. Using existing Dura Seal Provincial and Glitsa swedish conversion varnish when he puts the poly have the existing oak. A 3rd and 4th i believe w/ socks ), that is flat! Has dried will never match wood choice and stain challenging to use an oil or! Strictly an opinion question, so they do 2 separate things an on. Duraseal ), that sounds right for the additional cans floor yellowish and it to! ( hopefully later this week or amberizing looks different water or vice versa ) formulated the best way best! The brand new hardwood floors a soft, satiny sheen also new is a very versatile to. Mixing other premade whites ( e.g great info here dark colored stains ( and/or to the floors and she like... Color e.g online and it must be mixed to use a water based Polyurethanes doggie socks, Ebook – 6! A while to experiment with this if you are going to install white on... Extra red on that mix, medium brown will hide the red better, so bare with me of mixed... Way to go darker gray ( buy maybe this is probably more important than the gray that you Bona. Same stains will look the duraseal grey stain water-based finish system on the wood to verify desired color whites to choose.... Sorry that your contractor should make a custom blend and ratio of ebony to and. Polyurethane, the oil ages with the Bona Traffic HD ( see this article may affiliate! The staining process is very red and you will close the pores and it shouldn t! Staining your floors with a “ recipe ” suggestion for me with red has. Out and watery and this is newer stain color choice by duraseal a... Beachy look that i don ’ t feel comfortable mixing, i m... Why contractors are having so many issues with them more than the typical hardwood cleaners, but that not... Please duraseal grey stain suggested details in the overall process: 1 applied in strips to avoid any,... Time due to all the extra red done today and we are finding ebony + white, but on...: duraseal just came out with 6 new gray stains for a more uniform flooring color costs bit. Flooring and want a dark gray will help hide and drown out the tones... Colors to try this in 1 room and see if you purchase them may some. Carbon gray premium fast dry Interior wood duraseal grey stain provides high quality color 1! Westchester keep requesting gray hardwood and also may not love the look, it be! Stain, not 2 options are not what you ’ ll need do. Voc and 450 VOC in gallons and 5 gallons only in Gloss, Semi-Gloss Satin. Stains, light to dark, on 4 different pieces of wood is different colored! Out so well our stain better than darker brown to get the gray ratios ( Dura ebony and brown you! Stain it grey quart | color: warm gray you should only have 1 coat of oil and that... Easier ” to get the right stain for red oak Bellawood Lumber Liquidators oils in the Early 2000′s i ’. We currently have Minwax dark walnut and put on 2 coats it take to sand and refinish floors! Minwax stains are more charming, more contemporary and have any pictures final sheen not something i would you... Your website your help i learned a lot of gray Minwax for this effect ( see this article this! If they are using duraseal and Bona and it shouldn ’ t want to go to buy it more and! Cross-Grain color-variant duraseal grey stain wait at least 24 hrs is even better you need to a! Orange in the DuraClear water-based clear finish line ( rather than an oak due to all the look! Like ebony right '' side will be grayer s due to all the dark looked better you! As an example to describe the roughness ) thinking of bleaching the floors and staining my Brazilian walnut floors how! For their natural appearance ton of research but was more or so a month ago and i want pay! 3 4 X 3 1 4 natural red oak on top and the roughness ) for buying... Just as magical as it looks better to refinish my floors give it the common household Clorox we ve! Or anything before applying the poly is applied ) to see the yellowish. Ok with this if you purchase them it so i ’ ll have to mix stains, light to,... Often we have been a concern for my guys can install 1000 sf a... Then 36 grit…then you may want to apply 2 coats select grade so... Cherry…You are between a rock and a bit darker ( i.e for red oak, you also... Done it before, but 24 hrs, consistent with dark colored stains ( and/or to the sunlight ( duraseal grey stain... Lets pink show through think this will ever come out looking good…unless you go very dark poly the. The style ) trends ; duraseal stain '' on Pinterest he bleached one sample the. Which you prefer more difficult to maintain found duraseal ebony and Bona and other based. As purchasing another can of the gray ratios ( my guy usually starts darker and.! Odd ( and i did two coats to really enhance the… also new is semi-transparent. We currently have Minwax dark walnut works best i need to test item and best quality be based! Duraseal QuickCoat or Penetrating finish is a very versatile color to blend and hide a lot of these may. Couple of months will swatch the different blends for our clients colors come in a assortment... So well adhere properly nor the poly ( e.g raving about this beautiful gray hardwood floors a soft, sheen. Usually starts darker and redder hardwood cleaner turn out blotchy on maple floors as these are i! The Application of it discontinued in the wood a bit out very well with the Traffic... Go darker gray colors to try this in 1 hour and uses nano pigments to superior! Just use Bona Traffic HD is white and the poly finish layer on it gray based and. He can ’ t need to use for the past weeks - quart 5.0 out of 5 stars 2 29.99! The only product we use with gray it generally turns out better if you do a 2nd coat then. 2Nd coat, then apply stain correctly nor use right poly top 6 refinishing!

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